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  • Machine arbitration: will we be out of our jobs in 20 years?

    Legal writings and conference papers discussing technology in arbitration almost inevitably touch upon the ability of artificial intelligence (AI) to assume the decision-making role. In a recent Young ICCA blog post on machine arbitration and machine arbitrators, Jack Wright Nelson offers an interesting analysis as to why this type of dispute resolution would be acceptable. 

  • Privilege and parties’ expectations in international arbitration

    Legal privilege was developed in common law jurisdictions to limit the scope of parties’ disclosure obligations under the local rules of civil procedure. However, since the disclosure obligations in continental procedural law traditionally were very limited, no corresponding privilege rules were developed in civil law jurisdictions.

  • Anti-arbitration injunctions in Russia?

    Russian commercial courts, among other things, are known for their reluctance to issue interim measures. For that reason alone, two recent rulings, where the courts at first instance actually granted anti-arbitration injunctions, were bound to attract more attention than they would otherwise deserve. These decisions were successfully overturned, demonstrating that the risks of Russian courts granting … Continue reading Anti-arbitration injunctions in Russia?

  • The Supreme Court rules on the exchange rates risks allocation in the award enforcement context

    Currency exchange fluctuations are an inherent risk in international trade and consequently in cross-border disputes. While contractual risks can be taken care of at the time of contracting, disputes will inevitably unfold over a certain (rather unpredictable) period of time. This makes parties particularly vulnerable to developments affecting the value of the currency of the debt.